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Just Call Us.  Engineer Wire Mesh Wise, There’s Nothing That We Haven’t Done Yet. We Are The Magicians In The World Of Wire Mesh And Has Become A Reputable Player In The Transformation Of The Indian Wire Mesh Industry. Engineer Wire Mesh is best manufacturer & exporter in Mohali, Punjab, Chandigarh & worldwide.

Offer & order intake

Our qualified sales team advises interested customers about individual solutions. At Engineers wire mesh everything is made-to-measure and through many years of experience in wire mesh belts, we know exactly what to look for.

Work preparation

If no technical drawing is available, your specifications are validated to determine whether your project is feasible and create a drawing for production of wire mesh belts.


A high-tech machine park with correspondingly high machine and plant capacity is available for you to produce your individual special solution of wire mesh conveyor belts.

Manufacturing technologies

Production series can be produced cost-effectively wire mesh belts. Our wire mesh conveyor belts are used to convey belts through High Carbon Steel, Galvanized, Stainless steel.


Engineer wire mesh introduced a lean and effective quality management system in order to meet your high expectations, our own production capability depth and the product characteristics.


Quality in logistics means being able to meet customer needs. For us this means to always consider your specific packaging requirements of wire mesh belts.

Our products

Balanced Weave Wire Mesh Conveyor Belts

The Balanced Weave Wire Mesh Conveyor Belt is most commonly used wire mesh Conveyor belt worldwide including many food processing applications.

Compound Balanced Weave Conveyor Belts

Compound weave wire mesh conveyor belt made of stainless steel and high carbon steel. They all have excellent high temperature resistance performance and high tensile strength.

Honeycomb or Flat Wire Conveyor Belts

Honeycomb wire mesh conveyor belts are used in the applications such as food processing, freezing, baking, drying, painting, cleaning, and transferring as well as parts washing etc.

Chain link Type Conveyor Belts

Chain Link Wire Mesh Conveyor Belts are frequently used for chain drive belting and also used for guards on machinery as well as protective barriers. The wire mesh of this belt is very large or small openings.

Flattened Wire Conveyor Belts

Flat wire mesh conveyor belts provide an open mesh for easy drainage and flow of air, gases or liquids through the belt and around the product.

Rod reinforced wire Conveyor Belt

Rod Reinforced wire mesh Conveyor Belts are used for heat treatment of metal products. spirals of same direction are arranged and rod are passed through spiral intersections.

Duplex Weave Type Conveyor Belts

Heavy duty belts for continuous furnaces for sintering, brazing, annealing etc. These wire mesh belts are made of single directional spirals.

Enrober Conveyor Belts

Enrober wire mesh belt is an effective choice for a large variety of light duty applications in food processing, metal working and other industries. Enrober wire mesh belts are made of stainless steel wire of spring wire.

Coarse Wire Mesh

Universal Wire Mesh Products a wide range of perforated metal sheets punched in mild steel, galvanised, aluminium, stainless steel and special alloys.

Professionals Behind

Know our team, engineers and marketing head behind our team. We are people that find passion in what we do in wire mesh industries.

Jarnail Singh

Design Engineer

We work with industrial designers and marketers to develop the product concept and specifications to meet customer needs and may direct the design effort. 

Yashmeet Singh

Mechanical Engineer

A professional engineer is competent by virtue of their fundamental education and training to apply the scientific method and outlook to the analysis and solution of engineering problems.

Jas Kaur

Marketing Head

A team becomes more than just a collection of people when a strong sense of mutual commitment creates synergy, thus generating performance greater than the sum of the performance of its individual members.

What our clients say

Don’t take our word, hear it from our clients. Client happiness is our utmost priority.

"I really like their work, I guess now they have got a new lifetime customer. From now on, every construction projects that I do will only be via their wire mesh company."
Sharleen D'Souza
Cadbury Group
"Great place! These guys know what they are doing and go to the extra mile, in a friendly relaxed way. Not only in service expert and fast, price is fair and they take time to educate you. A friend recommended them to me, and I am passing this on."
Ashish Duggal
Patanjali Vidyapeeth

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