About Engineers Wire Mesh

Wire Mesh & Conveyor Belt Manufacturer

Engineerswiremesh was incorporated in 2014 with the intention of providing both the local and overseas market with a cost effective solution to various corrosion problems which cannot to be solved easily by the traditional materials.

Our commitment towards providing exceptional products and services that surpass client’s expectation in terms of quality and pricing, coupled with the workmanship of our skilled workforce in maintaining cost efficiency, has given us the competitive edge in this market.

Our company is into the manufacturing of  metal/wire mesh conveyor belts ( S.S. / G.I. / M.S.), which are used in various industries such as food processing, heat treatment, forging, foundry, glass, ceramics, automotive, furnace etc.

Our metal wire mesh conveyor belts are suitable for any application like, including closed wire mesh belts for flexibility and conveying small parts, belts which having large opening for easy flow of water or air and for cleaning of your products and smooth surface belts for easy and accurate transfer.

Our metal wire mesh conveyor belts are used to convey metal parts through copper and aluminium brazing furnace, iron parts through sintering furnace, chemical products through oven, dryers and all processes which involve washing, annealing and polishing.  In the food processing industries our belts are used to bake, cook, freeze, salt etc.

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